Greetings From Spain, installing on a Jeanneau 42 today and found some things of interest.

The Jeanneau 42 has a strange bilge pump setup, this may be typical of the range. I found the bilge switch on the helm area had three options, “Auto-off-manual” and when tracing the pump I found it has two pumps, one triggered by a float switch in the sump and connected to a remote bilge pump on the starboard side behinds the saloon seating and the other mounted higher in the bilge area. It would seem the high level pump was only available if you used the manual switch which I found counter intuitive if you need to empty the sump manually. There was no way to operate the primary pump if the float switch failed. I also noted there was not a warning light or buzzer so a wire would have to be taken to the float switch in order to connect Smart1+ bilge trigger wire.

There is a way to correct this and allow you to get a trigger for Smart1+ at the same time. In the sump area I found the high level pump had a positive 12v (+) and a negative wire and two red wires going to the main pump float switch. I identified the switched wire of the float switch (max 14a) it was the lead not having battery voltage on it and I spliced it to the high level pump positive so now when you operate the manual bilge side of the switch both pumps come on and in the auto side of the switch the float switch operates both pumps. Both power lines are fused on the control panel.

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The picture is the back of the Jeanneau 42 control panel, the yellow connector seen on the red cable is the manual switch output to the modified high level pump which now connects to the main pump foe manual operation. This is where Smart1+ connects to.

If the modified connection at the float switch is not made then a separate wire has to be laid in to trigger smart1+.

The logic behind this setup is baffling on so many fronts, the Jeanneau 50ds is the same.

Hope this helps,