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Remote Boat Monitoring by Digital Guardianage Giving You Peace of Mind

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Digital Guardianage provides boat owners with a remote boat monitoring system that is affordable and easy-to-use. With our experience of working on many different boats we have produced SMART 1+, a device that will send a text alerting you to an issue on a critical system on your boat. For extra peace of mind, you can also text SMART1+ at any time for a status update of these systems. 

Competitivley priced, SMART 1+ is unique as it includes an inbuilt SIM requiring no monthly contract or subscriptions. The device enables 24/7 monitoring of your pride and joy, giving you total peace of mind, wherever you are in the world.

Take a look below for full specifications on our comprehensive remote boat monitoring system that is simple to use and competitively priced. 


Smart 1+ Main Features



shore power notification with our Remote Boat Monitoring in UK and Global

Shore Power

Battery charge notifications with our Remote Boat Monitoring in UK and Global

Battery Charge


Bilge pump warnings with our Remote Boat Monitoring in UK and Global

Bilge Pump

Intruder alert system with our Remote Boat Monitoring in UK and Global

Intruder Alerts

Remote switching with our Remote Boat Monitoring in UK and Global

Remote Switching


Temperature warnings with our Remote Boat Monitoring in UK and Global





What Else Can It Do?

Status Update

You can text “Ping” to Smart1+ at any time to obtain the current status of your boats system.

Solar Power 

SMART 1+ can be commissioned to react to the voltage fluctuations caused by solar power set up.

On Board

Your device can be set up to disable the intruder alert whilst contunuing to monitor other systems.


Battery Life

In the event that your batteries discharge to a critically low level, the remote boat monitoring device will conserve the remaining charge. It will do this by setting itself to low power mode and switch off any 12 / 24v circuit previously switched on remotely.

Shore Power Restoration

Once shore power has been restored, your device will notify you once it has resumed monitoring.



How Will SMART 1+ Help You


 Boat charging cable

Shore Power

If shore power disconnects, your batteries will not be charged and 12v/24v systems can only run on battery power. Should the batteries completely discharge the fridge will turn off resulting in possible loss of food and flooding to the galley. There will be no lighting on the boat and the auto bilge system will not operate, your boat will be unprotected. Moreover, there is no guarantee that you will be able to restore the charge to your batteries, which could result in an expensive replacement.

A visual inspection of a shore power cable connected to a 240v outlet will not detect a tripped breaker – either on the boat or on the pontoon – which is why SMART 1+ constantly checks for the presence of 240v power and sends a text if it is not detected for more than 2 minutes. 

You can avoid this stress by requesting status updates from your phone to your SMART 1+ at any time.



Bilge Pump Activity

Your boat  may have been taking on water due to rain, leaking pipes or seals and the auto bilge pumps turn on.  However in the absence of shore-power the battery will go flat and the bilge pump will not work. This leaves a risk of flooding or even worse, sinking.  SMART1+ will alert you after 30 seconds of bilge activity.

 Bilge pump notifications




Battery Voltage

If the battery voltage drops your boat systems may not be supported with dangerous consequences.  There is no guarantee that heavily discharged batteries can be re-charged to their original state, 11.6v/23.2v is chemically flat which could result in a costly replacements.  Away from your boat you are unaware of your batteries state of charge and activity, however SMART1+ changes that.




Over Voltage

Overvolting or overcharging batteries for long periods can be immensely dangerous, so being alerted to this potential problem by SMART-1 can help prevent expensive issues blowing up in your face sometimes literally.

 over voltage monitoring and Remote Boat Monitoring in UK and Global


  remote switching facilities with digital guardianage

Remote Switching

You can send a simple text to your boat and SMART1+ will remotely switch on one 12 / 24v circuit. This offers flexibility and convenience, all from a simple text message. 

So, you can switch on your deck lights when you leave a restaurant, making it easier to find your boat again after a few drinks! Moreover, remote switching allows you to turn on a fridge ahead of you arriving at your boat.



Intruder Alerts

When SMART 1+ detects that a door with a sensor has been opened – or that the optional motion sensor has been triggered – it will send you a text warning of an intruder alert. This gives you peace of mind when your boat is unattended as well as reassurance when you are sleeping on board. You do have the option to deactivate this sensor and continue with the other benefits of SMART1+.

 Remote Boat Monitoring and security in UK and Global


 Temperature monitoring and notifications with our Remote Boat Monitoring in UK and Global



SMART1+ will send a text if the ambient temperature around the unit reduces to less that 0 degrees Centigrade for 30 minutes. When the temperature rises above 0 degrees Centigrade, it will send another text.





All functions are contingent on your SMART 1+ being active and connected to the network, with sufficient credit on the SIM card.





Our Design

We wanted to keep the design, installation and operation of SMART 1+ as simple as possible, investing much time and expertise into creating a product that makes leaving your boat – for any length of time - A stress-free process.

The key to the efficiency of SMART 1+ lies in our knowledge of boats and marine systems following many years as both marine engineers and owners. Our experience of working on sailing and motorboats of all sizes and ages has enabled us to understand the concerns of boat owners.

By taking a unique approach to system integration through bespoke algorithms and complex coding: SMART 1+ is remarkably easy to install and use. Moreover, the design is based on the basic principles of marine engineering and extreme environmental electronics in order to meet the rigours of the harsh marine world.

As marine engineers, we have removed any needless clutter to produce an electronic device from the ground up that is minimalistic, long-lasting, boat friendly, and provides you with a simple way to identify complex problems.

We have designed sensor-less device with only three connecting wires, enabling you to monitor and control your boat when you leave it for any period of time. It could not be easier.







Global M2M Sim Top Up Fees Apply

To use your remote boat monitoring device, you must create an account with Global M2M. SMART 1+ is supplied with a SIM card pre-loaded with sufficient credit to commission the system and send at least 10 text alerts. When the SIM needs topping up, simply follow the online instructions.


Find Out More

Download Sim Card Instructions   Top Up






Hear From Our Clients Using SMART+1

Take a look to see the kind of work we do. For further information regarding our remote boat monitoring technology, don’t hesitate to get in contact.

Sam Smith...

We have Smart 1+ installed.


Day one it indicated battery charging fault. I strongly recommend this device, it saved me potential damage and aggro from day one. Had I turned up sometime in the future then I would have fried batteries and a few days holiday disruption with no use of boat until fixed.


We all know that feeling. So get kitted out as it is well worth the very small cost. Handy also if maintenance is carried out onboard when you are absent. You can monitor exit and entry time’s so you know when an engineer is on board. Great for peace of mind that what you are told is going on (and you are paying for) is actually going on as expected. Times we have turned up with no laundry service completed and no clean sheets or towels. Now we can know that the laundry is collected and cleaners have done their stuff or we can call them in good time to chivvy them on.

  |     |  


I had Smart1+ installed for peace of mind while away from the boat.   |     |  


I can vouch for Smart1+.  We had the unit installed last October.  It proved it's worth in January when it detected / warned that our battery charger had failed. Obviously without this alert our batteries would have drained over time resulting in non-functioning bilge pumps and all the associated risks that go with that. 

A great piece of technology for peace of mind and protection of our cherished vessel.

  |     |  


Smart1+ boat monitoring system is a real plus and a potential money saver. No more concerns about the state of the batteries, shore power, bilge pumps or uninvited guests entering the boat in my absence.


Peace of mind and for just £0.07 I can call it up anytime, day or night, and it sends back an instant reply with the state of play onboard.


A great add-on for any boat owner, and a necessity during these long enforced absences from the boat

  |     |  




Princess V42. ...

The owner was told that their boat had been returned to their berth by the marina staff and sent a status update text to Smart1+ which responded “Shore Power – Off”. Owner called the marina and they plugged in the cable saving batteries from discharging and contents of fridge.   |     |  

Sealine T50. ...

Smart1+ alerted the owner that that their bilge pump had been active. Investigation revealed a faulty bilge float switch that was stuck open and running a dry bilge pump. This would have eventually burnt out.   |     |  

Nauticat 38...

Owner returned to the UK from Spain and sent a text to Smart1+ for a status update and was advised “Shore Power – off”. Realised that when leaving the boat he had forgotten to switch the internal breaker on. Smart1+ saved their batteries and contents of the fridge, which was stocked awaiting their return   |     |  

Princess 435...

Shore power cable connected pontoon to the boat, but Smart1+ sent a “Shore Power off” alert. Investigation revealed a failed breaker on the boats main distribution panel.   |     |  

AquaStar ...

Smart1+ sent a low battery voltage warning, even though shore power was connected. Investigation revealed a faulty battery charger.   |     |  

Searay Sundancer...

Smart 1+ sent a number of “Bilge pump active” alerts. Investigation revealed a bracket holding the float switch had rusted and the float switch had fallen into the bilge in the “on” position. This stopped the pump burning out.   |     |  

Beneteau Oceanis 41.1. ...

Smart1+ sent a number of “Bilge on” texts to the owner. Investigations revealed that the owner had left their boat connected to the mains water supply from the pontoon. The skin fitting had failed and the water from the hose was filling up the bilge as the bilge pump could not cope with the volume of water coming in.   |     |  

Beneteau Oceanis 41.1...

Owner wired Smart1+ to their deck light circuit. When they anchored off a beach and took their tender to shore for an evening dinner, they just left their mast head light on. When they finished the meal, they sent an “Aux on” message to Smart1+ and their deck lights were turned on, thereby conserving their batteries.   |     |  




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Our engineers are currently developing a safety critical battery monitoring device.

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