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Taking the Pressure off Boating

Are you a boat owner who needs a remote boat monitoring solution that is easy to use? If so, Digital-Guardianage can help. SMART 1+ has been designed by electronic and marine engineers with a strong emphasis on producing a complex yet simple to install, simple to understand and simple to use product. Allow SMART1+ remote boat monitoring system to be your digital guardian watching over your boats essential systems, and keep in touch with you via text. Quite simply, peace of mind. SMART 1+ costs just £550 and comes with an inbuilt preloaded SIM card. No monthly contracts, no subscription costs, no stress. Why not take a look and see what Digital-Guardianage can do for you?

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  Can I fit SMART 1+ myself?

Your remote boat monitoring device must be installed by a qualified marine engineer. Three pairs of wires from the device will be connected to the boat’s wiring loom, with two more additional wires available if you want to use the remote switching option.

Qualified Installer Instructions can be found on our installation page.


  Are specialist tools required to install SMART 1+?


  Can I install SMART 1+ anywhere on my boat?

You should ensure that the remote boat monitoring device is installed somewhere on the boat that can receive signal from the mobile network. Avoid installing in areas that could get wet.

  Which batteries are monitored?

SMART 1+ monitors the electrical supply from the battery that powers the bilge pump circuit. On most boats, this circuit is always live. If your batteries are connected in a series, the charge on the circuit monitored by SMART +1 represents the charge on all batteries in that series.

  Can SMART 1+ power up my air conditioning?

No. Air conditioning only works on a 220 / 240v circuit and SMART +1 must not be used to power up any circuit with that level of voltage, it should be limited to 12v / 24v circuits.




  Will SMART 1+ work abroad?

Yes, provided that the system is connected to the network and there is sufficient credit on the SIM card.

  How soon will I receive an alert?

SMART1+ will send an SMS alert when a trigger, within the design parameters, is detected. However, there is no guarantee that SMART1+ will be connected to the network at the time the text is generated and receipt by your phone is dependent on network connectivity. SMART 1+ is not capable of detecting a network outage, and will not resend a text alert if it was not connected to the network at the time of the trigger.

  What if I disconnected my shore power cable but did not get an alert?

Note that SMART 1+ must be disabled before sailing away from the marina. Please also bear in mind the following considerations:

  • Is there sufficient credit on my SIM card?
  • Are you in an area with good reception?
  • Did you start the engine(s) while still connected to shore power? If so, the alternator will maintain the charge on your batteries and there will be no voltage drop for SMART1+ to detect. Similarly, if you reconnected your shore power cable with the engines still running, there would be no dip in battery voltage.

  Can I use the intruder alarm when I’m on my boat?

Yes. You can disable or enable the intruder alert function whenever it suits you.

  I have received more than one alert relating to battery voltage of bilge pump activity.

In testing, multiple alerts indicated a problem with the system to which SMART1+ was connected a stuck bilge float switch or a faulty battery charger, If you are receiving multiple alerts, you should consider sending a “disable” command until the cause is determined.

Boat Size and Type

  Is SMART 1+ for sail or power boats?

SMART 1+ can be installed on both sail and power boats.

  Does the size of my boat matter?

No. SMART 1+ will work on a boat of any size.



The Unit

  How big is SMART 1+?

The box measures 120mm x 94mm x 37mm, although the length increases to 140mm when you include grommet and trailing wires.

  Can I carry my SMART 1+ device in my hand luggage for air travel?

Yes. The main unit and cabling weights less than 250 grams and does not contain any batteries.

  Will SMART 1+ interfere with any other boat systems?

No. However, please note that the SMART 1+ should be disabled before sailing away from a marina.



The Sim Card

  Am I locked into a contract?

No. When developing SMART 1+, we found that the ongoing cost of a monthly contract was not attractive, especially for a system that will, hopefully, send very few texts. Instead, we have included a pay-as-you go SIM card within the remote boat monitoring device that is pre-loaded with credit.

  Can I change the SIM card for one of my own?

No. If you open the unit, your warranty will be invalidated.

  How do I top up the credit on the SIM card?

SMART 1+ is supplied with an information card from our telecoms partner. You must enter a separate pay-as-you-go contract with our telecoms partner to maintain credit on your SIM.




Still Need Help?

If you require further information on our remote boat monitoring device, please consult our Terms and Conditions or visit our SMART 1+ product page. 

For any further questions please fill out the contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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