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Introducing SMART 1+

If you are looking for a remote boat monitoring system that is affordable and simple to use, we are proud to introduce SMART1+.

SMART1+ has been developed by a team of British Engineers with extensive experience of Marine and electronic systems. The device is your own electronic live aboard crew member who will constantly watch over your boats critical systems. You will receive a text message alerting you to an issue, which will give you opportunity to take appropriate action and avoid potential costs and repairs. You can also send a text to SMART1+ for a status update and also switch on low voltage system from anywhere in the world

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 What Does SMART 1+ Monitor

Shore power notifications for Remote Boat Monitoring in UK and Global

Shore Power 

Battery charge notifications for Remote Boat Monitoring in UK and Global

Battery Charge


Over voltage notifications for Remote Boat Monitoring in UK and Global

Over Voltage

bilge pump notifications for Boat Monitoring in UK and Global

Bilge Pump

Remote switching application with our Remote Boat Monitoring in UK and Global

Remote Switching

Intruder alerts with our Remote Boat Monitoring in UK and Global

Intruder Alerts

Temperature notifications with our Remote Boat Monitoring in UK and Global



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We provide peace of mind to boat owners  with a simple, affordable remote boat monitoring device.

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About Digital-Guardianage

Our team has worked on boats, lived on boats, own boats, and speak regularly with boat owners – putting us in a unique position to know what works and what does not. This hands-on approach enabled us to design and build a robust product that carries out a complex job in a simple fashion.

Our remote boat monitoring device addresses the primary concerns that boat owners have. People do not want the extra hassle of learning how to operate a new gadget; they want an easy-to-use, cost-effective solution that alleviates their key concerns when it comes to looking after their boat.
SMART-1 has been designed and built in the UK by British engineers who understand the marine, electromechanical and communications systems. Such experience has helped us to produce the most researched text-based warning system in the marine industry.

We aim to help owners maintain full control over their investment – even when they leave their boat in the marina – in order to safeguard against avoidable problems.



Support and Installation Documents

For further information on our remote boat monitoring device, take a look at Digital-Guardianage’s support and installation pages.

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Princess V45. ...

Smart1+ alerted the owner that shore power was disconnected. Further investigation revealed a battery charger that was starting to smoulder and which could have been catastrophic if left any longer.   |     |  

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